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MMA Squared ep 31: Does the UFC prefer Darren Till over Tyron Woodley, what happens if that doesn’t work out?

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Welcome to another episode of MMA Squared. Today we look at UFC 228 and marvel at how completely decent it is. While there are no megastars, the card is downright decent from top to bottom. Is this what we should expect going forward?

Haha, nope. UFC 232 is gonna be Cyborg vs Nunes and the entire cast of TUF: Comeback

Real talk: Tyron Woodley vs Darren Till… sure the welterweight title is on the line, but the real battle is between what the UFC wants to happen and the actual results. Woodley’s bank account hangs in the balance because the UFC would love a European star in his place.

I contemplated a different angle just to put Till’s baby momma tattoo in this drawing, but it felt gratuitously mean.

Till on the other hand is getting a bit of the Francis Ngannou treatment and risks suffering the same fate: losing both the fight and the promoter’s push. Worse still, he might get pushed up to middleweight if things don’t turn out brilliant.

H/T to my man Hunter Homistek for bringing up this point.

The undercard is loaded with both relevant fights and old familiar faces. What I’m most keen to see is the winner of Jessica Andrade vs Karolina Kowalkiewicz get a shot at Rose Namajunas. I’ve got my preference though, and it’s WMMA’s answer to Wanderlei Silva.

Andrade creates a PRIDE-era level of dread, and her beatdown of Gadelha was a masterpiece.

Finally, a new segment called After Reebok: Aljamain Sterling is charismatic exciting fighter with a great personal style. After Reebok he should have a line of 80’s hip-hop themed merch in the style of Run-DMC, complete with an ADIDAS sponsorship.

I’m working on a Twitch / YT channel (I read your comments) and this needs to be narrated like Conan’s “in the year 2000” segment.

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