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MMA Squared ep 34: Bellator’s greatest card in 3 easy steps

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Welcome to another MMA Squared, in which we acknowledge that everything’s coming up Bellator! Let’s take a look at how three core strategies have come together to form a compelling card.

Google “everything’s coming up Milhouse” if this joke doesn’t land.

1. “Classic” Bellator Sign aging talent with name recognition. Wanderlei Silva vs Rampage Jackson is the perfect Bellator booking. Neither guy wants to go to the ground, they hate each other, and have already produced the greatest finish in MMA history.

Rampage might be the perfect foil for Wanderlei. Unlike Chael Sonnen whose understanding of face/heel dynamics seemed to go over the Brazilian’s head, Jackson has never showed concern for his opponent’s well being before or after the bell.

These late shots make Hendo/Bisping look like Stann/Sakara

2. Longview Bellator Aaron Pico (along with Ed Ruth) represent Bellator’s long-term planning. After losing his debut, the young prospect has rattled off three first round finishes in a row and might be the future face of the promotion. Bellator chooses you, Pico-chu.

3. Aggressive Bellator Rory MacDonald vs Gegard Mousasi are fighters who realized their value at the UFC negotiating table, and walked. Mousasi invests his fight earnings in real estate and MacDonald has noted that becoming a father made him rethink his priorities. They represent a future where the gap between promotional heft narrows.

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