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MMA Squared Ep 8: The MMA Gods and UFC 223

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Conor McGregor has angered the MMA Gods and they’re wreaking havoc across the UFC’s schedule until he returns to the octagon

Ever since becoming “Champ Champ” the MMA Gods have been eager to toy with Conor McGregor.

But the wily Irishman has come up with a crafty plan to avoid their wrath.

With McGregor just beyond their grasp, they’ve cursed the Lightweight belt in a variety of ways: horrifically filling Tony Ferguson’s lungs with blood.

Then through more comical means, via tiramisu.

They even went the traditional staph infection route, but Kevin Lee persevered through that hurdle and Ferguson emerged with an Interim Title.

Now, the week of UFC 223, the Gods have struck again. The articles will all say that Tony Ferguson made a quick pivot to interview with someone, but we know better. It was the invisible hand of the Gods reaching down and ripping his knee to shreds in broad daylight.

Would this bring McGregor back to the bright lights of New York City? Would he accept a short notice opponent and save the card as his did so long ago during his title runs?

“Uh, Gods? Conor is tweeting about his dick…”

The Gods would move up a weight class and punish us all for his insolence.


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