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MMQB: Lamar Jackson, Ravens are the NFL’s top team

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This game was different than the last two showdowns—one against the Texans, the other against the 49ers, both of which ended with the Ravens’ point total in the 40s and the other team in single digits. Hell, it was different than the game against the Patriots on Sunday night in Week 9, too, and the game against the Seahawks in Week 7 that was tight deep into the second half.

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For the first time in a long time, Baltimore swung at an opponent with its overpowering offense and the opponent swung back with similar force. So when the Ravens got the ball back at their own 35 with 6:28 left in this game against the 10–1 Niners, the Baltimore offense had 86 yards from scrimmage and zero points to show for it in the second half. This was really about as close as any team had come to actually “figuring out” the Ravens’ offense. That left the Baltimore offense 65 yards from the end zone, tied at 17.

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