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MMQB: Super Bowl LIV week features Chiefs and 49ers, two teams built to last

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MIAMI — Andy Reid probably didn’t realize it when he strolled into Brett Veach’s office in late spring of 2016, but there in front of him was the direction of his franchise. The guy holding the clicker was its future off the field, and the player on the screen its future on it.

“What you got going on?” Reid asked.

“Coach, I’m watching the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs,” Veach responded.

That quarterback was a college sophomore whom Veach had picked off one of three lists of underclassmen that the scouting department had at its disposal at that time of year, just after the draft, as it started work towards the following year’s draft. One was a National Football Scouting list, made up wholly of rising seniors. Another was a list of juniors produced in-house. The third was a watch list of statistical stars, whose numbers simply demanded attention.

The kid on the screen was on the third one, thanks to a 4,653-yard, 36-touchdown 2015 season.

“Who is it?” Reid asked Veach.

“I said, ‘It’s this kid named Pat Mahomes,’” Veach recalled over the phone on Friday. “And by that time, I had gotten to the LSU game he played his sophomore year, that bowl game where he was completely undermanned. I mean, they just had talent all over the field, LSU did. And he was just a one-man gang, just keeping them in the game and making plays and playing with so much moxie and bravado that just jumped off the tape.”

Reid sat and watched a couple plays. In turn, Veach accomplished a modest goal that day.

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