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More footage of TJ Dillashaw sparring Vasyl Lomachenko: ‘I just got my ass whooped’

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ESPN has released more footage of TJ Dillashaw and Vasyl Lomachenko sparring.

This past week, two top fighters from MMA and boxing squared off in a sparring session. Top pound-for-pound boxer Vasyl Lomachenko trained with former UFC champion T.J. Dillashaw in California, with short clips and quotes on the workout being made public.

ESPN has since released more footage of the 4-round sparring session, which you can watch above.

“I need to learn what’s up,” Dillashaw said. “I’m always trying to expand my knowledge as a mixed martial artist. I’m such a big fan [of Lomachenko], I wouldn’t pass this opportunity up. Even if I get obliterated, it’s something I’ll remember forever.”

Not only was Lomachenko the far superior boxer, he was also in better shape as he is currently slated to compete next weekend. Things obviously went Vasyl’s way, with the two-time Olympic Gold medalist acknowledging that he felt that he could land anything he wanted.

“I don’t like, he punch my head a couple times,” Lomachenko said. “When we start sparring, I started a little bit relaxed, little bit not serious. Then he punch a couple times in my head, I think, ‘Oh, OK. Let’s go.'”

“I just got my ass whooped,” Dillashaw said with a laugh after the workout. “Just his awareness, his cardio, and his pace, just how smart he spars — he’s definitely on another level.”

As Dillashaw noted, he cherishes the learning experience and hopes to be able to work with the Ukrainian boxer again in the future.

Dillashaw was the first UFC fighter that Lomachenko trained with, but he recently offered to spar Conor McGregor and “show him boxing skills” as well.

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