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More Than Winning: A Case for CM Punk and His UFC Debut

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So Daniel Cormier and Kenny Florian are getting attention for their comments on “UFC Tonight,” suggesting that there’s a problem with CM Punk since he has not stepped into the cage yet. The comments have brought the keyboard warriors out of the swamp to pile on Punk and his so-called lack of “real-fighting experience.”

I don’t portend (look it up) to know what CM Punk’s future holds, but I do know this. He’s a winner already, even if he gets KO’d Jose Also style. Here’s why.

The opening of his 2013 “Best in the World” documentary begins with this statement:

“I am a guy for all intents and purposes who never should have made it to the WWE. I have had roadblock after roadblock after roadblock thrown in my way. But not only did I get past those roadblocks, I did it while flipping off the people who put up those road blocks. I feel I have a responsibility to the younger wrestlers on the roster, the ones who aren’t signed yet and the future of pro wrestling as a whole to help make this place better and to change this place. I certainly can’t change it by sitting on my couch in Chicago.”

To understand why Punk’s move to the UFC matters more than just as a punchline, it’s important to understand who Punk is.

Punk jumped to the UFC undoubtedly for himself, but he also did it for exactly the reason he stated at the beginning of his documentary. He did it for the other wrestlers on the roster, so they can have options when they want out of the WWE.

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