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Morning Report: Cody Garbrandt has plans to be the UFC’s first three-division champion

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Conor McGregor’s ascension to the top of the UFC has brought with it a number of changes to the aspirations of other fighters. Previously, the notion of moving up or down in weight to capture multiple world titles was something thought of extremely rarely, with notable champions like Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva actively foregoing campaigning for second belts. Now though, everyone wants two titles and the truly ambitious have their eyes on three.

On the latest edition of the Aubrey Marcus podcast, UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt outlined his plans to be the UFC’s first three division champion, starting by dropping down to face UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson.

“I can beat that dude for sure. I can go to ‘25. Obviously, it’s TJ [Dillashaw] first and foremost. I’m solely focused on him, but you gotta think of other – Conor’s out. Conor’s not fighting. Aldo and Holloway are fighting, so that ties up [that division].

“Now, Demetrious, he’s the pound-for-pound best – justifiably so, an incredible fighter, great human. I like him a lot. And his family. But for me, it’s a legacy that I set out to build. Friendships are friendships but it’s business at the end of the day and I think that I can go on as a huge fight, especially for that division. It’s kind of lackluster a lot.”

Before Garbrandt can challenge Johnson, he has to lock horns with former training partner Dillashaw later this year. The two coached opposite each other on the most recent season of The Ultimate Fighter and their rivalry is enormously heated. But after he clears that hurdle, Garbrandt says he intends to make the cut to 125 pounds for the first time since high school so he can “make Johnson earn” passing Anderson Silva’s record for most consecutive title defenses.

“I’d rather go down before I go up. Demetrious has a fight with Wilson Reis in the not-too-distant future. That’s coming up, so he’ll tie Anderson Silva’s record. Then his next fight will be the all-time record. So he has all that. . . [I want to] make him earn it.

“I think that’s something that I need to do. I’m young – 25 – so rather than cut when I’m older, try to go down, go now. The time is now for me with that fight. I really think that should be – after the TJ fight of course – if Dominick [Cruz], I think he’s not coming. I’ll wait and see if Dominick wants to come back. If not, I’m willing to go after Demetrious. That’s the fight that’s next in my mind after TJ. I always plan one ahead. I’m prepared for TJ but Demetrious is in the foreshadows.”

But Garbrandt isn’t done there. Garbrandt reiterated the same goal he had immediately after winning the bantamweight title, that he wants to fight UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo too.

“That’s something, Jose Aldo, I would like to fight him as well. He’s the champion right now. He has wins over my teammates too, so that’s something. Our camp knows Aldo. If my time is up to go up to ‘45, and Aldo’s still the champion, I’d love to go against another legend, be a three-time [champion]. Hopefully, I’ll have 10 more years of fighting to be able to capture those.”

One thing is for sure, Garbrandt has a busy couple of years planned out for himself.


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A post shared by Tom Hardy (@tomsohardy) on Mar 28, 2017 at 11:33am PDT

Conor has done great things for this sport. But him completely destroying the idea of defending your belt against credible challengers is the worst.

@GeorgesStPierre doesnt wanna fight for real! He playing all of us. @bisping I would kindly put my foot in ur A July 8! Save the date @ufc

— Tyron T-Wood Woodley (@TWooodley) March 29, 2017

@UFCTonight @FS1 @TWooodley Tyron, I’ve no interest in shadow boxing for 25 mins against you. I need someone who engages/actually fights 🙂

— michael (@bisping) March 30, 2017

@bisping @UFCTonight @FS1 then don’t dance and play Karate kid like Stevie Wonder. Don’t be scared come catch this fade. Or keep running!

— Tyron T-Wood Woodley (@TWooodley) March 30, 2017

@TWooodley @UFCTonight @FS1 running? Your then one who wanted to do a catchweight of 180. Haha man up or shut up!

— michael (@bisping) March 30, 2017

Bellator beef.

Haha. False on all accounts… @dillondanis @arielhelwani @BellatorMMA

— Michael Chandler (@MikeChandlerMMA) March 28, 2017

@MikeChandlerMMA @arielhelwani @BellatorMMA shut your mouth! You’re a little juice head. Call me James L. Dolan.

— james gallagher (@StrabanimalMMA) March 29, 2017

@StrabanimalMMA @arielhelwani @BellatorMMA I will continue to speak about you whenever I please.

— Michael Chandler (@MikeChandlerMMA) March 29, 2017

@MikeChandlerMMA @arielhelwani @BellatorMMA i wouldn’t blame you. I’d talk about me too. Does Jesus approve of all them steroids you take ?

— james gallagher (@StrabanimalMMA) March 29, 2017

So much anger yesterday.

I see felder getting abit of attention now

— Marc Diakiese (@Marc_Diakiese) March 29, 2017

Keep running your mouth and you’ll make me tell everyone ur management already turned down a fight with me #scared #talkischeap #signorshut

— Paul Felder (@felderpaul) March 29, 2017

@FrankWibble215 @felderpaul I’ve never ever!! turned a fight down, you know what’s happening so shut your mouth until then.

— Marc Diakiese (@Marc_Diakiese) March 29, 2017


@BradTavares @Mickmaynard2 @Rizvan_RM Brad he doesn’t want get beat up and cut his hair! @ufc make my debut against @EliasTheodorou. Easy!

— Gabriel Checco (@GabrielChecco) March 29, 2017

With all due respect, I have absolutely no idea who you are. Are you even in the UFC?

— The Spartan (@EliasTheodorou) March 29, 2017

@EliasTheodorou everyone is not good at calling fighters out. Its becoming a lame trend.

— Gerald Harris (@GHurricane) March 29, 2017

True enough.

Lots of guys calling me out, you have my “yes”, waiting on your response #botacara

— Rafael dos Anjos (@RdosAnjosMMA) March 29, 2017

Quality caption.

#onsomeweed in this pic

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I haven’t knocked anyone out since Overreem, so it felt great knocking Bruce Willis’ stunt double on his ass yesterday. Had a great time filming on the set of Acts of Violence. Can’t wait for this movie to come out! #BruceWillis #ActsOfViolence #ThisIsCLE #MikeEpps #ColeHauser #SophiaBush #ShawnAshmore #MelissaBolona #BrettDonowho #DeathWish #EliRoth #EFOFilms #ActsOfViolenceMovie

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Cody says he hasn’t made 125 since freshman year of high school. I have 0 interest in seeing him try to make that cut. That is absurd and dangerous. Also, it’d be great if first he just defended his title a bunch. I miss the days when fighters understood the value of actually reigning in a division.

Take it easy everyone and see y’all tomorrow.

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