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Morning Report: Cody Garbrandt says he’s ‘going to have some f**king words’ with TJ Dillashaw

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It seems that Cody Garbrandt has “no love” for his former teammate TJ Dillashaw.

In an interview with Submission Radio, the UFC bantamweight prospect spoke about Dillashaw’s departure from Team Alpha Male and subsequent comments made by the former UFC champion about Garbrandt wanting to train with Dillashaw at Elevation Fight Team.

“I heard him talking shit. No. See that’s some f**ked up shit. I almost saw him at the Arnold Classic when I was there signing shit and had to go say some shit to him but on my better judgement, I didn’t…Anyways, long story short, no that was f**ked up. What he was trying to do was recruit people. Go out there, take them from their teams to go and help him.’

Last October, then bantamweight champion Dillashaw separated from Garbrandt and the rest of his long time team members at Team Alpha Male to train with coach Duane Ludwig at Elevation Fight Team in Colorado. Some of the Team Alpha Male fighters were amicable about the split but Cody Garbrandt is not one of them.

“TJ, that motherf**ker tried to take some of our teammates you know…If our team ain’t good enough for you motherf**ker then get the f**k out. Don’t be trying to take our team, take our training partners if you don’t believe our team is good. That shit pisses me off man. That’s some f**ked up shit.’

In the aftermath of the split, several prominent Team Alpha Male fighters have been spending time at Elevation including Joseph Benevidez and Lance Palmer. Urijah Faber has reportedly banned Dillashaw from returning to Team Alpha Male which has lead to speculation that Palmer and Benevidez may be soon to follow Dillashaw’s lead. This coupled with remarks made by Dillashaw about Garbrandt moving to Team Alpha Male bothered Garbrandt.

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