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Morning Report: Conor McGregor explains why he’ll have no fear fighting Nate Diaz at UFC 196

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Conor McGregor’s confidence hasn’t seemed to waver as we push deeper into fight week.

Speaking with Colin Cowherd Tuesday, McGregor sounded more concerned about getting a second breakfast than his five-round bout with Nate Diaz this Saturday at UFC 196.

“You know, for me [the Octagon] is where I’m almost the least nervous,” McGregor said on pre-fight jitters. “There are other things that might make me nervous. Things like doing the Conan O’Brien Show. I might get a little more nervous for these unusual things than I would walking out to the Octagon. Walking out to Octagon and stepping into a cage is something I literally do every single day of my life. I step foot inside an Octagon and train and compete.

“It’s just another day for me. I’m unshackling chains off me when I make that walk. It’s freedom for me in there. I get to go in. I have nobody telling me what I can do or how I can do it. I’m free to paint the picture how I want. That’s it. I enter, I come out the gate fast and I spin and I set the tone for the unorthodox and then set my opponent up for a KO blow and then I execute it. It’s simply another day for me.”

The buildup between McGregor and Diaz hasn’t been long, but it’s been explosive. If the Irishman reigns as the sport’s top trash talker, Diaz and his brother Nick aren’t far behind.

McGregor says he’s counting on Diaz talking to him in the cage, but that ultimately it’s all about business.

“I don’t really hate Nate,” said McGregor. “I have no hate for any man that is on the same journey as me. We’re all chasing the same dream here so I can’t hate the man with the same dream as ….View full article

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