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Morning Report: Dan Henderson ‘pissed’ about UFC 204 decision, says he could be talked into a trilogy fight for ‘the right money’

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Dan Henderson believes he should have won the UFC middleweight championship at UFC 204 and says he would be willing to do a third fight “for the right money.”

Don’t look now but there’s a slim chance Dan Henderson has one more fight in him.

At UFC 204, Henderson challenged Michael Bisping for the UFC middleweight championship, he lost a unanimous decision but one that many believed he should have won. Count himself among that group. Writing a post for Champions.co, Henderson admitted that upon re-watching the fight he is very upset with the decision.

“It’s been a pretty mellow week since UFC 204, but I still haven’t reconciled myself with the scoring the judges put forth for my fight with Michael Bisping. I finally got around to watching the video of it last night, and I’ll admit, I’m pretty pissed about it. I was going to say frustrated, but that doesn’t quite cover the range of feelings I’ve got right now.

“He just wasn’t doing anything to me. He was throwing punches that weren’t really landing or were just barely touching me. Most of the punches I was throwing were meant to hurt him, and obviously, they did. There was a big difference in our significant strikes. I think the definition of that needs to be spelled out better, because he didn’t throw that many significant strikes.

“He didn’t hurt me once… he really didn’t do anything other than kick me in the balls, and then tried to capitalize on it when the ref didn’t stop the fight for a recovery period.”

According to FightMetric, Henderson was outstruck 119 significant strikes to 81. However, Henderson did score big knockdowns in both the first and second rounds as well as landing the only takedown of the fight, midway through the fifth round. The ….View full article

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