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Morning Report: Dana White says Conor McGregor won’t be stripped of title

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UFC President Dana White says the UFC will not strip featherweight champion Conor McGregor of his title but that he has to defend it or “give it up.”

Dana White might not be too popular with several of his high profile fighters soon.

In case you missed it, Conor McGregor managed to even things up with Nate Diaz, winning a unanimous decision at UFC 202. In the immediate aftermath of the bout both men seemed poised to run it back for a third time with McGregor insisting it be held at 155 lbs. But UFC President Dana White had other ideas.

Speaking with several outlets afterwards, White said that McGregor must go defend his featherweight championship against interim champion Jose Aldo, or else they’ll take the belt from him. Later he amended that to allow for McGregor to challenge Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight title. Now it seems like they may not take the belt from him whatever his decision, something sure to anger Aldo who is adamant about a rematch with McGregor.

“He’s not gonna get stripped,” White said to NBC Sports Radio. “He’s gonna make a decision. He knows that the Nate Diaz fight isn’t the fight to make right now. He has to either defend his title or give it up and decide what he wants to do next.”

It’s hard to parse the circumstances here but White seemed confident McGregor wouldn’t be relinquishing the title while still saying he needed to defend his 145 lb. belt or relinquish it. Perhaps that is a sign that White is confident McGregor will be rematching Jose Aldo next. Or it could mean that the company is prepared to soften its stance with its biggest star. It probably doesn’t hurt that UFC 202 was such a tremendous ….View full article

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