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Morning Report: Daniel Cormier says Ronda Rousey ‘needs a year or so’ before fighting Holly Holm again

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We might not see Ronda Rousey fight again until July, but UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier could stand to see her take off even longer.

Rousey was dethroned by new women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm Saturday night at UFC 193, seemingly outclassed by the multi-time world boxing champion.

Speaking with Colin Cowherd Tuesday, Cormier says Rousey could need over a year of work before she’d be ready to face Holm in a rematch.

“Holly Holm looked like a world-beater on Saturday,” said Cormier. “Going forward, they’re talking about an immediate rematch for Ronda Rousey? The improvements Ronda needs to make will take much longer than the six-month break she’s anticipating. She needs a year or so. I would actually not fight her back again, if I was Team Rousey.”

Facing a southpaw in Holm, Rousey appeared to have no answer for the striker’s straight left hand.

“There was never a second in that fight were you thought Holly Holm was in trouble,” said Cormier. “She took one big left hook in the first round, but from the start of the fight, from that first straight left hand that just tagged Ronda and her chin touched her shoulder, I was like, ‘Oh ….View original article

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