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Morning Report: Dominick Cruz says Urijah Faber is ‘jealous,’ calls him a ‘car salesman’

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UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz calls Urijah Faber’s accusations of PED usage ‘tasteless’ and fueled by jealousy.

In the build up to UFC 199, Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber have been doing a significant amount of media to promote their upcoming title fight. During this time, Faber has become increasingly more vocal in insinuating PED usage by Cruz and by his former protege T.J. Dillashaw. In response, Cruz has been adamant that Faber’s accusations are completely without merit. In an interview with Jonathan Shrager of MMAUnderground, Cruz expounds on why he thinks Faber levies those accusations and why they are so damaging.

“It is slander. 100% and that’s Faber’s style. He has no character and he proved that because before he said anything about me…he threw the kid that he mentored from high school all the way up, he threw him under the bus to try to make himself look good. That’s Faber’s style. He’ll throw his own family under the bus to make sure that his name is cleared and he looks good…That’s his style. I’ve known that about Faber since 2007. I’ve always said that. People don’t want to believe it, people are gonna believe what they want about that guy, but he’s a car salesman. He gives you what he thinks you want to hear instead of the truth.”

The lack of evidence by Faber is what really seems to bother Cruz, and while he has made it clear in other interviews that he isn’t the biggest fan of Dillashaw either, he draws the line at making unfounded accusations. Cruz cites his desire to behave as a professional and the fact that PED allegations stain a fighter’s career in a damaging and hard to remove manner.

“I’m not best of friends with T.J., everybody knows that too. There’s things ….View full article

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