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Morning Report: Donald Cerrone says he feels like a caged bear being poked by Conor McGregor

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We’re nearly two months removed from the UFC’s “GO BIG” event, but Donald Cerrone hasn’t forgotten about his ol’ buddy Conor McGregor.

In Orlando promoting his upcoming bout with lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos Dec. 19 at UFC on FOX 17, Cerrone couldn’t help but steer the conversation back to McGregor.

Asked about his face off with Dos Anjos at the “GO BIG” event, Cerrone said it was actually McGregor who got under his skin.

“That was ‘McNugget’ trying to talk to me,” Cerrrone told the Orlando Sentinel. “When we stood face-to-face prior to that? He had nothing to say. I felt like I was an exhibit at the zoo and the cage was put up so he could poke the bear through the cage. When he was standing next to the bear he didn’t have anything to say. That’s what it felt like. I would have mauled his ass back there.”

Complimented for his ability to fight so regularly, Cerrone says he’s just trying to keep up with McGregor.

“I don’t understand why these guys pull out of fights,” said Cerrone. “Don’t want to take fights. Only fight once a year. Maybe they’re making a lot more [than I am]. Maybe ….View original article