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Morning Report: Floyd Mayweather will only fight against Conor McGregor, says it will be ‘record-breaking’

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Retired boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. says he will only come out of retirement to fight UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor and that he believes the fight will break the Pay Per View record of 4.6 million buys that he set with Manny Pacquiao.

Call up Rakim because Floyd Mayweather is thinking up a “master plan.”

In recent weeks the combat sports world has been abuzz with rumors of pound-for-pound boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr. coming out of retirement to box UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor. McGregor, who is currently in a dispute with the UFC, posted to his Twitter a mocked up fight poster showing himself and Mayweather facing off. Since then Mayweather and his team have stirred up interest by commenting about the likelihood of a potential fight. The talk quickly consumed the MMA world and UFC president Dana White responded saying that Mayweather should call him if he really wants to make the fight.

Well it doesn’t appear that Mayweather has taken White up on his offer yet but he is still confident the bout with McGregor will happen. Over the weekend Mayweather spoke to ESNEWS about the McGregor fight, why he wants to make it happen, and saying it is the only fight he will come out of retirement for.

“If I do fight it’s only against Conor McGregor. That’s gonna be my only fight and not against nobody else because this matchup is just so intriguing. You have a fighter against an MMA fighter, one of the best MMA fighters to do combat and stand up and do it. He’s a strong fighter and when I look at him fight he’s a little faster than I thought he was so if the fight happens I can’t overlook the guy. I’m pretty sure – if we make the ….View full article

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