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Morning Report: Joe Rogan discusses personal TRT use and ‘cheating death’ with Rolling Stone

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Be it elk meat, kettle bells or kale shakes, much of UFC commentator Joe Rogan’s health regime isn’t dissimilar to many of the athletes he watches compete each weekend.

Where Rogan’s lifestyle takes a sharp turn is his well-publicized use of medical marijuana and other banned substances.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, the 48-year-old comedian opened up a bit about how he manages to keep himself in prime condition.

He shoots himself up with testosterone on a weekly basis — “It’s what fighters get in trouble for, but, obviously, I’m not competing. I just like the idea that I’m cheating old age and death, although, you know, you can’t cheat it forever”— as well as human growth hormone. If he’s dragging a little, he’ll pop a Nuvigil, a variant of the focus-improving drug that fighter pilots use.

Most mornings, he preps for the day with a Vitamixed, sludgy blend of kale, spinach, celery, “a large hunk of ginger about the size of a child’s thumb,” four cloves of garlic, an apple and some coconut oil. Tastes like crud. “But after your body digests it,” he says, “you’re like, ‘Whoa, we’ve got a lot of stuff to work with here.’ ”

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