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Morning Report: Joe Rogan has sympathy for Miesha Tate, ‘She makes a fraction of what Ronda Rousey does’

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Joe Rogan feels for Miesha Tate.

While the women’s bantamweight contender takes some time off to evaluate her career, Tate admitted earlier this week that the UFC’s “gatekeeper” plans could have her contemplating other options.

Discussing Tate on his podcast, UFC commentator Joe Rogan showed sympathy for her losing out on a third chance at Ronda Rousey.

“That’s one of the bad things about the UFC that people don’t like,” Rogan said. “There isn’t any clear structure. When Miesha Tate won she was virtually guaranteed a shot at the title. ‘Beat Jessica Eye, you’ve got a shot at the title.’ She beats Jessica Eye, ‘Eh, listen, you’re not ready for that.’ What?

“She made some interview recently where she said she should probably think about what she’s going to do when she retires. That she should probably at least consider that. Whoa. She’s thinking about retiring?”

Tate has also been vocal over the loss of income not only due to the lost title shot, but to the UFC’s uniform agreement with retailer Reebok. In May, Tate said she’d be “losing probably 90% or 80% of what I make in sponsorships” due to the UFC’s tiered payout system.

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