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Morning Report: Jon Jones thinks he ‘has a lot more work to do’ to earn a second chance

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Last May, after overcoming some early knockdowns at the hands of Anthony Johnson, Daniel Cormier took Johnson down and choked him out in the third round, winning the vacant UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. It was vacant because a month earlier, Jon Jones had been stripped of the title due to his connection with a hit-and-run.

In an extended feature by Mike Bohn of Rolling Stone Jon Jones discussed his past struggles and current efforts to move past them; specifically, how he didn’t take fighting as seriously as he should have why he is now.

“Pretty much my whole career I wasn’t living like a champ. Fighters that look up to me would go out with me on weekends and see me get blackout wasted, weeks before a fight. Then they think, ‘Jon Jones can do it. Maybe I can.’… That would lead somebody down the wrong path of thinking. That was the same thing I was doing.”

And yet, Jones cavalier attitude never came back to haunt him. MMA is a sport that chews up and spits out even the most consummate of professionals but Jones is so preternaturally gifted that it didn’t matter. Partying did not preclude him from becoming wildly successful. He was winning and he was making tons of money while doing it.

“I really started to get money, started to be able to afford to go out, to have a good time and buy people drinks. Growing up, I was poor. In college I was poor. I never had anything. Then I go from living in a basement to renting out a house. My life just started to change so fast. . . .I was never popular. . . . I became popular for the first time in my life, and I became obsessed with it.”

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