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Morning Report: Ken Shamrock thinks performance enhancing drugs should be allowed to ‘a safe level’

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UFC Hall of Famer and two time drug test failure Ken Shamrock believes PEDs should be allowed in MMA to “a safe level.”

It appears that Ken Shamrock is on board with the late Kimbo Slice’s suggestion that fighters be allowed “extra vitamins.”

This past weekend, Jon Jones caused a ruckus in the MMA world when he was removed from his UFC 200 main event slot by USADA for failing a pre-fight drug test. Jones is the most high profile athlete affected by the USADA procedures and his failed tests renewed discussion in the MMA community about USADA and the prevalence of PEDs in the sport.

On Friday, UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock went on Inside MMA on AXS TV where he discussed PEDs in the UFC and how the situation should be handled.

“Listen I think it’s pretty clear. I’ve taken a stance on it. My stance has always been upfront that this needs to be regulated. It needs to be a point where guys can use it at a safe level, because it does help. It does help in your health and it does help in your recovery.”

Shamrock seems to be suggesting a difference between drugs which enhance performance and those used for recovery, though that can be a tricky concept to parse out. It also should be noted that Shamrock has failed drug tests twice in his MMA career: the first time after defeating Ross Clifton in 2009 and the second after his bout with Royce Gracie at Bellator 149. But he says it isn’t his past usage which colors his perception but the fact that the UFC has turned a blind eye to the problem for so long.

“I just don’t see how they’re gonna stop something that they’ve allowed to happen for so long. I think ….View full article

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