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Morning Report: Khabib Nurmagomedov says if the UFC gives Conor McGregor lightweight title shot, it’s ‘No. 1 bulls**t’

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After Eddie Alvarez won the UFC lightweight championship back in July, he almost immediately began angling for a fight with either Nate Diaz or Conor McGregor, whoever won their UFC 202 rematch. After McGregor walked away victorious, it seemed that Alvarez was going to get his wish.

But yesterday, that all changed. In what appears to be a bit of behind the scene negotiations spilling over into the public, a Tweet-storm appeared with Alvarez publicly challenging McGregor and Dana White fueling things even further by saying that Alvarez hasn’t been offered McGregor, but was offered top-ranked contender Khabib Nurmagomedov. Nurmagomedov also joined in the fray, calling Alvarez a chicken and promising to finish him “fast and with no pain.”

This wasn’t just a sudden occurrence. The question of who Alvarez was going to fight next and Nurmagomedov’s insistence that he deserves the shot has been going on for months. Recently in an interview on the Five Rounds podcast with Brett Okamoto of ESPN, Nurmagomedov talked about why he should be next in line, why McGregor doesn’t deserve it, and why a decision has been so slow to come.

“Conor’s stuck two divisions, featherweight and lightweight. Now Conor makes the decisions…

“I want to fight at 205 in New York, maybe fight with Eddie Alvarez. I love this fight. I want to fight for the belt. All fans, coaches, fighters, analytics, everybody agrees and knows who deserves this title shot. I deserve it. I am No. 1 ranked. Why UFC put me on No. 1 ranking if they don’t want to give me title shot? Why do they make rankings?

“Conor McGregor fights in the UFC in a lighter division and the UFC wants to give him title shot? I think this is No. 1 bullshit. They cannot give him a title shot ….View full article

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