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Morning Report: Kimbo Slice to Wanderlei Silva: ‘I don’t mind knocking your ass out!’

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Kevin Ferguson, better known by his fight nickname of Kimbo Slice, was recently in Germany for the FIBO Expo, where he sat down with GNP1.de to discuss his fight with Dada 5000, his positive pre-fight drug test, and what the future holds for him.

Slice and Dhafir Harris, aka Dada 5000, had their long awaited fight in February at Bellator 149. Slice won by third round TKO though the finish is one of the stranger and more terrifying ones in recent memory with Dada collapsing from exhaustion in the cage.

On the subject of the fight, Kimbo was less than happy with his showing. Though he admits to having accomplished his intentions of breaking Dada’s jaw and ribs, he noted that he ‘gassed too early’ and felt he left something on the table.

‘You’re never pleased with your performance. You know what I mean?…You feel like you could do it better. That’s the competitive part. Some people have it some people don’t. I just want to embrace mine and become a little bit better. Become more of an inspiration.’

After the fight, the pre-fight drug test results were released revealing that Slice, along with UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock who also fought on the card, tested positive for the anabolic steroid nandrolone. Slice had a T:E ratio of 6.4:1, 2.4 over the Texas limit. In the interview with GNP1.de, Kimbo delivered a slightly specious answer for how his blood sample could have possibly come back tainted.

“Maybe the [person performing the test] used the same glove from Ken’s shit and touched my shit. I don’t know.”

Slice then went on to talk about the necessity to allow some “extra vitamins” for people in intense professions like himself.

“We’re fighters man, we’re a little bit older than normal, we’re on a professional level of entertainment. You gotta ….View full article

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