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Morning Report: Luke Rockhold says Daniel Cormier needs to stop letting Jon Jones and boos “get to him”

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UFC light heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier spent months explaining that he wasn’t going to allow Jon Jones to get into his head leading up to their Apr. 23 main event rematch at UFC 197.

Cormier maintains the reason he lost a five-round unanimous decision to Jones at UFC 182 was that he became too emotionally invested in the bout. He believes the personal animosity between he and Jones cost him the fight and vowed to make the rematch a competition between professional athletes.

Well, that noble stance seemed to start breaking down the second the pair came face to face March 4 at the UFC’s “Unstoppable” press conference event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As Jones was cheered in his return, Cormier was booed by fans who see him as an illegitimate champion.

If you ask Cormier’s confidant and training partner Luke Rockhold, it sounds like the boos really got to him.

“I love DC but yea,” Rockhold told Jonathan Shrager of The Underground. “He played into the “Jon Jones being the bad guy” role too much and let the boos get to him. Just got to block that out. Be yourself. Who cares? If the people like you, they like you. If they don’t, they don’t. If they like Jon Jones, who the f**k cares? He let that get to him, no doubt.”

Rockhold says he even had a post-presser chat with Cormier to bring him back to center.

“A little bit,” Rockhold admitted. “A little bit. There’s not much to say at this point. I think he kind of lost track of what he was doing there for a second and played too far into “bad guy” Jon Jones and tried to beat him down over outside the cage [issues]. Focus on the technique. Focus on the fight and what’s going to ….View full article

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