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Morning Report: Matt Brown calls Tyron Woodley a ‘b*tch’ says he’d ‘fight him in the f**king street for free’

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It has been an eventful week for the immortal one.

Last Saturday Matt Brown fought Demian Maia at UFC 198 in Curitiba, Brazil. Before the fight even began he was hit several times by Brazilian fans on his way to the octagon. Then in the actual fight, Maia dominated Brown en route to a third round stoppage via rear-naked choke. And Brown still had one more hit to the head to endure the next day when a former coach of his sucker punched him in a hotel lobby.

In the aftermath Brown has been doing interviews discussing the altercation, his bout with Maia, and what’s next for him. In an interview with Jonathan Shrager of MMA Underground, the conversation turned towards who Brown would like to fight in the future. Brown mentioned eventually trying to avenge some of his previous losses but there was a different person that stood out.

“[Tyron] Woodley, he’s a bitch. I just don’t like him anyway. I’d fight him in the f**king street for free.”

Brown and Woodley have been in the news lately with the UFC announcing that Woodley would – somewhat surprisingly -be the next challenger for Robbie Lawler’s welterweight championship. In response to this news, Brown remarked that Woodley is completely undeserving of a title shot. Brown didn’t elaborate on those comments in this interview but he did delve into his dislike of the soon to be welterweight title challenger.

“You go all the way back, he turned down fights. I know he turned down Hector Lombard saying, ‘he’s a teammate’ and then Hector’s like, ‘we’re not teammates, f*ck you, I’ll fight you.’ So that’s a clear bitch move.

“And then sitting out for a year and a half begging for a title shot, coming over a win over ….View full article

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