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Morning Report: Michael Bisping: ‘Now that we have USADA in the mix, I’ve become world champion.’

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UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping implies that the implementation of USADA drug testing is what allowed him to finally become world champion.

The Diaz brothers are MMA’s leading trend setters.

A common refrain of Nick and Nate Diaz is that everyone competing in MMA (aside from themselves) is “on steroids.” Lately, with the advent of USADA and the frequency of fighters failing drug tests, more and more fighters seem to be ascribing to this idea. Last week, Conor McGregor, Diaz’s opponent for his upcoming UFC 202 fight, agreed that “they fucking are all on steroids.” This week it’s UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

Writing for Champions.co, Bisping addressed the seeming ubiquity of PED usage in MMA, agreeing in principle with the Diaz brothers.

“Everybody knows my stance on PEDs, and that hasn’t changed one little bit. The Diaz brothers say that everybody is taking steroids, but obviously there are still some of us that aren’t. I kind of hear what they’re saying, though. I think the large majority of our athletes are on something.”

Bisping has been one of the most vocal opponents of PEDs in MMA for many years so his alignment with the Diaz brothers on this topic is not surprising. However, he does take it a step farther by suggesting that the implementation of USADA drug testing and the removal of PEDs from his competitors is why he is now the middleweight champion.

“Now that USADA is clamping down on performance enhancers, people are getting popped left and right. They still have a long way to go, but people are getting caught, and that’s what counts. It’s funny, now that we have USADA in the mix, I’ve become world champion!

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