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Morning Report: Michael Bisping thinks Dan Henderson will be taking ‘some sneaky PEDs’ before their fight at UFC 204

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UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping believes Dan Henderson will be using PEDs ahead of their title bout at UFC 204.

And so it begins.

Multiple reports declared that the long rumored/pseudo confirmed middleweight title fight between reigning champion Michael Bisping and challenger Dan Henderson has been agreed to by all parties involved and would take place at UFC 204, on Oct. 8 in Manchester, England. Bisping himself went on to confirm this fact on his SiriusXM Rush radio show The Countdown with Michael Bisping. He then proceeded to talk about the match and his belief that Henderson will take banned substances before their fight.

“Let me tell you this, lightning does not strike twice. It struck once the first time, it will not strike twice. There will be no TRT, no drugs, no steroids, no performance-enhancing drugs. Dan Henderson I challenge you to announce to me at the press conference that you will not take any performance-enhancing drugs, that if USADA show up on any day, any time they can test you, because I think he’s gonna cheat. I think he’s gonna go out there and have some sneaky PEDs because he’s gonna think, ‘Well screw it. If I get suspended, so what? I’m retiring anyway.’

“I think he’s gonna juice because if he gets popped, he’s just gonna get suspended. That is no consequence to him and people will remember that he retired as champion even though it would be a No Contest. If he was to get the win, he could still retire saying, ‘I just beat the world champion.'”

Henderson brutally knocked out Bisping in their first match at UFC 100 and followed up with a diving elbow that became one of the greatest highlights in UFC history. However, Henderson’s victory came at a time in which TRT (testosterone ….View full article

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