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Morning Report: Miesha Tate calls Ronda Rousey ’emotionally unstable’ and cautions Conor McGregor not to get ‘big-headed’

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UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate gave her opinion about Ronda Rousey’s incident with Paige VanZant and Conor McGregor getting preferential treatment from the UFC.

Miesha Tate just can’t avoid talking about Ronda Rousey.

Yesterday, the UFC women’s bantamweight champion joined RJ Clifford and Steve Cofield on SiriusXM Rush Fight Club to hang out and shoot the breeze; inevitably the conversation turned towards the former champion Rousey, specifically the story that came out from Tate about Rousey bullying Paige VanZant.

“I think Ronda is somewhat emotionally unstable and I think that’s been characteristic for a long time. Doesn’t mean she fights any worse for it. I’m not knocking her as an athlete but emotionally she’s just got some things that are a little bit strange and I think that that was one of them.”

Rousey and Tate have been long time rivals dating back to the build up of their first fight in Strikeforce in 2012 so it’s unsurprising that Tate didn’t have the kindest words to say about Rousey. However, Tate was very complimentary of VanZant – who recently finished second on Dancing with the Stars, a performance which Tate called “magnificent” – but noted that she would have reacted differently.

“I feel like you can tell a lot about a person who, if they’re nice to people that they don’t have to be nice to or if they’re not nice to people that they don’t have to be nice to, and I feel like things that sometimes people don’t see on the massive media outlets is the way Ronda is behind scenes.

This is just one example. This is a big reason why Ronda and I don’t get along. It’s not even the career, it’s the difference in our personal perspectives. That’s why we have the rivalry. We just happen to ….View full article

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