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Morning Report: Miesha Tate was ‘frustrated’ with the Conor McGregor situation at UFC 200 press conference

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UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate says she was “frustrated” with the Conor McGregor situation at UFC 200 but that it doesn’t bother her anymore.

Miesha Tate is “over” the Conor McGregor no-show.

In an interview with ESPN recently, Tate commented on McGregor’s absence from promotional duties for UFC 200 and her remarks were subsequently covered by other news outlets including this one. In the interview, Tate commented that the UFC was being reasonable and that McGregor’s refusal to show put her in a position to have to “pick up the pieces” which inconvenienced her. As a result of her remarks, Tate says she was getting a lot of “flack” and took to her podcast to clarify her statements.

“Let me get this straight. I am a fan of Conor McGregor. I think he has an awesome fighting style and he markets himself so uniquely, you can’t discredit that. He does a phenomenal job, everyone loves to watch him fight and that’s myself included. But I think that Dana [White] is 100% right in saying, ‘hey if you’re not going to show up to do your part of the job then there’s going to be consequences.’ You can’t be the main event of one of the biggest cards of the year and not do the necessary media obligations. I disagree with him not showing up to that.”

During the McGregor-UFC saga Dana White has maintained that the reason the featherweight champion was pulled from UFC 200 was his refusal to fulfill media obligations including doing a press tour and filming a commercial for the event. Millions of promotional dollars have gone into the event and the absence of McGregor forced the UFC to pivot to other means to fill in the gaps, which meant turning to other ….View full article

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