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Morning Report: Paulie Malignaggi hints interest in boxing Conor McGregor after Floyd Mayweather

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Last week, the biggest news in the combat sports world was Paulie Malignaggi leaving Conor McGregor’s training camp amid a dispute about leaked training pictures. Malignaggi was brought into the McGregor camp as a sparring partner for the UFC lightweight champion ahead of his August 26th boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. but was upset by the pictures which appeared to show McGregor getting the better of the former world champion. Malignaggi then created a media frenzy by trashing McGregor in a multitude of outlets, including calling McGregor a “d**khead” on The MMA Hour on Monday. Seemingly out of nowhere, a respectful relationship had turned acrimonious.

Now it appears the penny may have finally dropped.

Posting over several hours on his Twitter account yesterday, Malignaggi hinted heavily he might challenge McGregor after the Mayweather fight is done and that McGregor would be wise to stick to boxing instead of returning to MMA.

Was never the intention. I’m retired, let’s get excited about #MayweatherMcGregor for now though as it’s around the corner. https://t.co/tH3hb3mlEl

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 9, 2017

I will say the feud is genuine but then again when u get to know the guy it’s pretty easy not to like him lol. https://t.co/UNMqHqL0Hm

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 9, 2017

Lets worry #MayweatherMcGregor now. Honest though I don’t see him in a hurry to return to MMA to fight Khabib who I think is his mandatory. https://t.co/3awyg6K8lR

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

August 26th should be interesting lol, let’s all enjoy that for now. https://t.co/tkY8krowcX

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

Im not saying I pick a winner in that fight I’m just saying it’s not an easy fight and for goin back 2 mma money that’s not an easy either. https://t.co/FOdxKZElnh

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

Im saying he gets more than that if he stays Boxing u mental midget. https://t.co/OPA8mg3Fw5

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

Lets see how August 26th plays out, that one is around the corner. The result and how it comes about plays a big factor in future endeavors https://t.co/5YFNe6vJUn

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

I’ll get into pros and cons on the broadcast on the 26th. He has both as does every fighter. https://t.co/cCK8DkehUU

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

Easy! The most lucrative fight in combat sports is end of the month! Let’s see how it plays out. https://t.co/EwZj7Qkx0D

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

These are questions for after the 26th. https://t.co/J8OJzHw51l

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

Understood, I’m just saying let’s enjoy the present, the future things and possibilities can def be discussed afterwards though. https://t.co/IOBODOsmAP

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

Getting a lot of this but let’s wait until after #MayweatherMcGregor to fight and see how that fight first even plays out. https://t.co/EvPzYPB9Ts

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

Though Malignaggi initially denies any intention of pursuing a fight with McGregor, his Tweets all come with some form of the caveat of “wait until after the Mayweather fight.” He also mentions multiple times that staying in boxing is a more lucrative path forward for McGregor rather than returning to MMA, even addressing the potential McGregor- Khabib Nurmagomedov fight with much skepticism.

Conor requested a fight with Khabib in Russia after this $100,000,000 fight. If you believe that I got a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you. https://t.co/cZNtxCK81V

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

During his Tweetstorm, Malignaggi was also sure to clarify previous statements he made about being McGregor not having “‘Oh my God’ power,” saying that McGregor has good power in his punches.

Conor (with fight gloves on) has the power to drop anybody. When I said he wasn’t the hardest puncher it didn’t mean he has no power. https://t.co/vZv4NIO0Do

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 9, 2017

Exactly, I been in with bigger punchers but 1 doesn’t have be the hardest puncher of them all for me to realize he has power. It’s there. https://t.co/ETUSaZ3GcW

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 9, 2017

The general consensus is that the Mayweather fight will be the largest single payday of McGregor’s career and any return to MMA would be a demonstrable drop off in earnings. That’s partly why many people are suggesting McGregor will retire after boxing Floyd. But another boxing match, like one with the built in drama and promotion he would have with Malignaggi, could also prove extremely lucrative for McGregor and could tempt him to continue competing inside the squared circle.

As for Malginaggi, he retired from boxing earlier this year after being knocked out by Sam Eggington in March but, should McGregor lose to Mayweather, facing an opponent coming off a knockout loss would play nicely into the “McGregor has the power to drop anybody” narrative. And like Mayweather, Malignaggi suggested his retirement might not be so permanent where Conor McGregor is concerned.

So was Floyd 😉 https://t.co/kOZNCFFkMA

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

Conor McGregor boxes Floyd Mayweather, Jr. on August 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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That Conor song.

Make Snoopcast a thing for MayMac.

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GSP making it certified official.

Finally signing my UFC 217 Bout Agreement vs. Michael Bisping for Nov. 4th at MSG – Get ready for a big night in NYC!!! pic.twitter.com/VgqIVnsLwv

— Georges St-Pierre (@GeorgesStPierre) August 9, 2017

Thug Rose got a feature in Women’s Health.

#nakedin3words for @womenshealthmag: Cut,The,Shit. Be yourself, work hard, love your body and put your best self forward. What are your 3 words?

A post shared by Rose Namajunas (@rosenamajunas) on Aug 9, 2017 at 9:34am PDT

Awfully cool under all that shade.

There is one fight coming up at T-Mobile Arena that is already sold out. pic.twitter.com/Kwxh9e0ek6

— Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) August 10, 2017

Frank knows.

Sell it Floyd: Conor has shot because ‘I’ve lost a step’ https://t.co/2Yud2CLnoc

— Frank Shamrock (@frankshamrock) August 9, 2017

Will Brooks putting a 10-8 round on Lentz here.

Remember the last time we fought on twitter!?

You rage quit and deleted your twitter account You could be the biggest drama queen in MMA. https://t.co/bkM9OWmMpP

— Nik Lentz (@NikLentz) August 9, 2017

I’m the drama queen? Lol. Dude you started chasing a fight with an over the hill BJ Penn writing him poems. But yeah I’m the drama queen https://t.co/gTjFpDDvfa

— Will Brooks (@ILLxWillBrooks) August 9, 2017

Only thing worse than your trash talk, are your #UFC performances

Get your excuses ready..
going to need them when you’re out of a job https://t.co/kVYDSifjNK

— Nik Lentz (@NikLentz) August 9, 2017

I’m an emotional wreck? You threw a tantrum and left ATT because you weren’t getting enough attention and it hurt the princess’s feelings https://t.co/xH7z1CxKUw

— Will Brooks (@ILLxWillBrooks) August 10, 2017

The fact that everyone at ATT is OK with me fighting you says alot. https://t.co/xH7z1CPlM4

— Will Brooks (@ILLxWillBrooks) August 10, 2017

Oh and let’s not forget about the little hissy fit you threw because you didn’t like the dagestani Muslims coming to train at the gym. https://t.co/xH7z1CxKUw

— Will Brooks (@ILLxWillBrooks) August 10, 2017

“Will, we don’t want you to spar Lentz today. We need to build his confidence up.”

The princess’s feelings needed to be protected. https://t.co/xH7z1CPlM4

— Will Brooks (@ILLxWillBrooks) August 10, 2017

I’m done talking now. I don’t need or want one of your creepy werido poems you like to write when your feelings get hurt. See you in Oct. https://t.co/xH7z1CxKUw

— Will Brooks (@ILLxWillBrooks) August 10, 2017

Everyone wants in on UFC 217.

UFC 217 Madison Square Garden vs @TJDillashaw pic.twitter.com/i5PbTqTB93

— Cody Garbrandt (@Cody_Nolove) August 9, 2017

Some more of this.

I heard you insisting on fight with someone in October? What’s happened? Looking for #runaway road you POS? @TonyFergusonXT

— khabib nurmagomedov (@TeamKhabib) August 9, 2017

Ya’ll Full Of Shit. Call @SeanShelby @DanaWhite Tell Em You Want To Fight Me Oct/Nov. Don’t Matter Where. Then We Can Battle. Til Then STFU https://t.co/buyQtdjOlx

— Tony Ferguson (@TonyFergusonXT) August 9, 2017

Kevin Lee saying what everyone is thinking at this point.

yall sound like a married couple @TonyFergusonXT @TeamKhabib

— Kevin MTP Lee (@MoTownPhenom) August 9, 2017

Maybe get a better pic?

BTW In Case You Forgot…. #DefendOrVacate MF’er @TheNotoriousMMA pic.twitter.com/WqOHFd9Y7c

— Tony Ferguson (@TonyFergusonXT) August 9, 2017


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Also that evening, Joachim Hansen upset Takanori Gomi to win the Shooto lightweight title at Shooto.


16 days.

Take it easy and see y’all tomorrow.

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