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Morning Report: Randy Couture says he’s been offered a return to mixed martial arts

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If there is ever a moment for ‘retired’ veterans to get back into mixed martial arts (MMA), it’s probably now.

Lots of smaller promotions would likely be interested, but so would Bellator MMA. The Viacom-backed organization has made it a point to bring back long-time veterans, even those in their fifties.

While that’s been met with some pushback from fans, there’s an open question of what it would mean for former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Randy Couture. According to ‘The Natural’, he’s been approached to return, but ultimately believes his best days are behind him.

“I was approached when Fedor [Emelianenko] threw his hat back into the ring after a four, five year layoff,” Couture told Inside MMA on Friday. “I was the first one they came to. It’s certainly something you have to consider and take seriously, but it’s not really about money. I think one of the more rational decisions I’ve probably made in my life was the decision to step down and hang them up.”

Couture, 52, last fought in April of 2011, a second-round TKO at the hands of Lyoto Machida at UFC 129. Since then, he’s starred in movies, television shows, and coached his son Ryan in Bellator MMA. While Couture hasn’t explicitly stated a return is impossible, he is clear he’s satisfied with his record to date and what he’s accomplished in the sport.

“You want to be remembered as somebody that had integrity and that represented the sport in a positive way,” Couture noted. “I think I accomplished that.”

I’m happy with how the fans seem to remember me and the ones that come up to me all the time and talk to me, want a picture. I’m very happy with how that’s come out.

While Couture never stated who, precisely, asked for his services, a call from ….View full article

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