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Morning Report: Tito Ortiz calls Chael Sonnen ‘a juicy, juice boy,’ plans to get ‘redemption’ at Bellator 170

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UFC Hall of Famer clarified his recent Bellator promo where he smashed a juice box when talking about Chael Sonnen.

Last Friday, Bellator 162 took place in Memphis, Tenn. But despite a fight card featuring 15(!) fights, tthe most memorable moment of the night didn’t even happen in the cage; it happened before the main event when Bellator did a live promo debate with UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz and recent Bellator acquisition Chael Sonnen. It was the highlight of the evening.

Ortiz smashing an empty juice box in his hands was the most talked about MMA related news of the weekend and yesterday in a Facebook Live interview, Ortiz furthered the discussion by explaining his symbolism.

“So as I was growing up is don’t ever do juice, as in steroids. Chael Sonnen gets popped for a juice cocktail. And the question was, ‘so how do I think this fight is gonna turn out?’ So I said, ‘well let me go ahead and find Chael for you.’ So the best acronym I could think of that is a juice box, juice box being Chael Sonnen. It’s no more than that because he is a juicy juice boy. He likes to do his, dabble in his little steroid stuff.

“Hopefully they do test us – which I know they will, they test us on all of our fights. But that just shows a sign of weakness; a sign of weakness of him being full of juice. He’s a juice box, he’s a juice boy and that’s why that Juicy Juice box came into the camera frame.”

Sonnen is one of MMA’s most infamous users of PEDs. He was pulled from a scheduled bout with Vitor Belfort in July of 2014 for testing positive for multiple banned substances. He announced his ….View full article

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