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Morning Report: Tito Ortiz says the UFC would ‘crash and burn’ without Dana White

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It looks like time does in fact heal all wounds.

Recently there has been much speculation about the possibility of Zuffa selling the UFC. In response Dana White has come out publicly denying any whole sale of the company but admitting that a partial sale of some stake may occur as the company tries to grow internationally. However fifteen years of White talking to the media about the operations of the UFC has left many in the MMA community speculating about a full sale and what the parameters of that might look like. These guesses usually assume that selling a majority stake in the UFC would mean the end of Dana White as President, however an old enemy of White’s is now vocalizing his belief that White is the only man who can effectively lead the UFC.

Last week in an interview with RJ Clifford and Steve Cofield on SiriusXM Rush Fight Club, Ortiz spoke about the possibility of a UFC sale and how the organization would fare without Dana White at the helm.

“I think the promotion would completely fail. I think it would crash and burn, that’s my opinion. I think Dana does a great job with the promotion. Sometimes we don’t agree on the same things but that’s just between me and him. Like I say, it’s a girlfriend-boyfriend type of relationship, him being the girlfriend of course.”

Tito Ortiz is the poster child for UFC discontent, particularly in regards to Dana White. Ortiz and White have been feuding essentially since Zuffa purchased the UFC in 2001. At the time Ortiz was the promotion’s biggest star and their fighting resulted in Ortiz sitting out multiple times in contractual disputes. One of these incidents was even resolved in part by a contractual stipulation wherein White would be forced to ….View full article

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