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My First Fight: Demian Maia

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Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Everyone—or almost everyone—loves a good origin story. From the New Testament to the neverending deaths of Bruce Wayne’s parents and Peter Parker’s uncle, we’re fascinated by the catalysts, epiphanies, and pivotal moments that make people who they are.

With that in mind, Fightland has started talking to our favorite professional and amateur fighters and enthusiasts about the first big defining moment that started them on their martial arts journeys. Whether it was their first sanctioned bout, their first sparring session, or even some random scrap on the street or playground, when did these future warriors first realize that combat was something that they wanted to—and could—do?

In today’s My First Fight, we talk to Demian Maia, who will face Carlos Condit at UFC on Fox 21 in Vancouver, Canada on August 27, about his third, fourth, and fifth professional MMA fights.

“There were many moments like that,” Demian Maia, the Brazilian jiu jitsu master who puts the art in mixed martial arts more than most, muses when asked what he would consider his first fight. But he didn’t truly realize that MMA was the right path for him until he was already on it.

The night that changed everything was October 7, 2006. The event was the SCI Super Challenge 1 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Maia was entered in an eight man tournament on the card and the conditions of those brackets were far from ideal for him. To win, he’d have to fight three times. His first match would be at midnight, followed with bouts around 2am and 4am. And although he had some and MMA experience and two finishes on his short but perfect record at that point, all of his opponents had more.

“I was the underdog for that. It was much more experienced guys,” Maia says of ….View full article

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