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Nate Diaz on UFC return: ‘I’m not excited at all, I’m stuck in this sh-t’

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In class Diaz brother style, younger brother Nate Diaz put the UFC on blast in a recent interview with TMZ Sports and told reporters that he couldn’t really care less about his return to the cage at UFC 230.

Diaz, who hasn’t fought since his majority decision loss to Conor McGregor in August, 2016, scolded the UFC for not booking his fight with Dustin Poirier at a suggested weight class 165 lbs. (head president Dana White described Diaz’s idea as ‘nutty’ and said it was ‘never an option’).

“We’ll see [if I return at UFC 230], the ball’s in their court,” Diaz said (h/t Drake Riggs of BJPenn.com). “We’ll see. I’m training to fight though, for sure. I’m trying to fight. They don’t want Dustin Poirier to fight at [165-pounds]. I’m like, ‘what the f*ck?’, alright well, who do you guys want then? Whoever wants it come get it. If they’re (UFC) trying to have me headline Madison Square Garden they don’t got nobody else. But they don’t want Dustin to fight so I’m down for whatever they want. All comers, bring it the f*ck on. No lames though.

“I’m starting a new weight class because I heard they already wanted to do it anyway, I’m like let’s get it poppin’. Now there’s a ruckus, they don’t want to do 165 I’m like, ‘what the f*ck? Because I said it? That’s what it is?’ Anybody who wants it at 165, we can do that because I’m training to fight and they’re trying to act like I’m not trying to fight or something. I’m like, ‘let’s do this sh*t’. So all comers bring it on.”

Diaz isn’t too thrilled about his return at MSG and told the media that he feels ‘stuck’.

“I’m not excited at all [to get back in action], I’m stuck in this sh*t. November 3, I’m coming to fight, so whoever want it can get it.”

Although Diaz isn’t sure of his opponent, the UFC has made it clear that the Californian will square off against Poirier at UFC 230.

The pay-per-view event takes place next month, November 3 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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