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Nate Diaz Storms Off and Endears Himself to Las Vegas

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There was nothing keeping UFC 202 in the Vegas consciousness when I arrived in Sin City on Tuesday afternoon.

For the other McGregor fights in Vegas, most North Americans would just have to hear you speak to know what your business in the ‘Fight Capital of the World’ was about, but this time when answering that you were in the city for a McGregor fight was greeted by a shocked expression.

Unlike UFC 189 and UFC 194, there is not the same Irish presence in Sin City this weekend. With those events, it felt like the entire population of Ireland had made the trip across, but you could count the number of McGregor’s countrymen with two hands yesterday in the David Copperfield Theater.

The press conference was the last great chance that UFC had to make the event feel important and when McGregor wasn’t present, Dana White made it quite clear that he wasn’t happy with the Irish superstar.

“We’re starting without him,” replied White when asked about McGregor. “He has to start respecting other peoples’ time more. Yours (media), theirs (the fans), mine, theirs,” he said gesturing to the other three competitors on the stage.

“We only have so much time in this room. Listen, we’re having a press conference here. If it’s over before he gets here then it’s over.”

Despite the obvious amount of expectation on McGregor at such media events, the Dubliner was completely unapologetic when he showed up for the event 15 minutes late:

“These events have got me kicked off cards before, but I’m still here and I’m ready to fight and that’s all that matters,” said McGregor on his arrival.

“You know you’re going to get a fight when I’m here. You know it’s going to be a show so forgot all this time keeping and other crap. I’m here.”

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