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NBA bold predictions for the 2020s

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We have reached 2020, which means there are plenty of storylines, events, trades, championships to happen within the next decade. The possibilities are endless but why wait? The Crossover staff made predictions for the 2020s.

Chris Mannix

The Super Team Era will begin again … with James Harden … in Golden State

We all know the Warriors are the team to watch next summer, with a likely top-five pick and a 23-year old All-Star point guard in D’Angelo Russell to dangle in a trade. Houston is mired in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference and if the Rockets fizzle out early in the playoffs, Houston could look to re-boot. Dealing Harden to a rival may be painful, but a Russell/pick package may be the Rockets best chance to rebuild. For Golden State, plugging Harden in alongside Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson would give the Warriors the most dynamic offensive lineup since … Kevin Durant paired with Curry and Thompson. A championship window would be re-opened and the league would be playing catch-up with the Warriors—again.

Mark Bechtel

Becky Hammon will be named Coach of the Year for her work with the Seattle Sockeyes

Two things have to happen here, obviously: Hammon has to get a head coaching job, and Seattle has to get a team. The timing might not line up perfectly—I wouldn’t be surprised if Hammon got a job in the next few years (pro basketball is definitely the most progressive of the major US sports, and Hammon clearly has earned loads of respect NBA-wide), while expansion doesn’t seem to be high on anyone’s list of priorities. Still, it’s more likely than a team moving, as most of the usual relocation suspects have recently used threats of moving to get arena concessions, locking them in for the long haul. (Unless the economy tanks and teams start losing money; in that case, anything goes.)

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