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New free agent Sheymon Moraes talks issues with WSOF, ‘disrespectful’ Ray Sefo

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Sheymon Moraes was finally released from WSOF on Friday afternoon, but it took a lot of talking from the former bantamweight title challenger to make it happen.

Sheymon Moraes early Friday was an unhappy WSOF fighter. Now, he’s a happy free agent.

It took a lot of effort, but after requesting his release from his longtime home, WSOF finally granted his wish. The organization parted ways with Moraes on Friday afternoon, per MMAFighting.com.

Moraes hasn’t fought since a July win over veteran Luis Palomino at WSOF 31. The one-time bantamweight title challenger’s four-fight deal with the organization came to a close after that bout.

Moraes was in talks with WSOF, and the plan was to sign a new contract and fight on the New York City card on New Year’s Eve. Three weeks after negotiations began, WSOF sent Moraes a contract but said he would not be on the New York card, and the purse amount both parties agreed on had changed, Moraes said. Plus, WSOF said it could only guarantee one fight per year.

Moraes’ biggest issue with the company was that it did not give him fights in the latter part of his tenure but did not release him (until now), either. He just wanted to move on. Lately, the Brazilian has had to deliver food and drive for Lyft to pay the bills.

“I wasn’t interested, I asked to be released, and they won’t let me go,” Moraes told MMAFighting.com prior to his release. “I’m stuck there, I can’t fight anywhere and do anything. My child will be born in April, and I have to work, to bring money home.”

Moraes wasn’t a fan of WSOF president Ray Sefo’s response to his request for release.

“He asked if in addition to letting me go, if I wanted him to bend over,” Moraes said. “I didn’t like this answer. He was disrespectful to me. That made me upset. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t want to re-sign with this organization.”

Moraes said that signing with WSOF back in 2014 “was a big mistake,” mostly because the organization did not fulfill some of its promises to him. After signing with WSOF, he realized that some of his contract’s terms were not what he and WSOF agreed on, he said.

“They guaranteed I’d fight every five months, that they would let me go if the UFC wanted to sign me,” Moraes said. “I didn’t speak English back then; [my former manager, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira], gave me all the information, and I said OK and signed.

“When I moved to the United States, I saw that it was way different than what they told me. I talked to them, and they said they couldn’t do anything because I already signed it.”

A request for comment on Moraes’ release was not returned by Sefo as of this writing.

Moraes has not publicly said anything since the news of his release.

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