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New York Commission Adopts Instant Replay Ahead of UFC 217

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The referees calling fights at UFC 217 in New York next month will have the added advantage of instant replay.

The New York State Athletic Commission adopted new rules just recently to allow the in-ring referee to review instant replay for a finishing sequence to ensure the correct outcome.

Instant replay will only be available from the time the fight is stopped until the final decision is read as the referee can review the ending of the match as well as consult with the alternate official outside the cage.

The final decision about the outcome ultimately still lies with the in-ring referee and no fight will be restarted following an instant replay review.

The news of the changes adopted by the New York Commission were first reported by Newsday on Thursday.

“This policy sets forth a process for the use of instant replay at ringside, adding clarity, transparency and predictability,” New York Commission representatives said about instant replay rules being adopted.

The adoption of instant replay was suggested by the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports last year and now New York has followed those recommendations.

Obviously the inclusion of instant replay for now only affects the outcome of any fight and is not allowed simply to review an illegal or accidental strike unless that forces the end of a contest. Still it’s a welcome addition to the rule set to ensure the correct outcome is rendered for a fight taking place in the state of New York.

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