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NFL: Ranking new uniforms revealed for 2020 season

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We have reached the end of uniform reveal season, still no closer to knowing when football will actually start, but thanks to the powers that be, able to purchase new threads so we can pretend that kickoff is imminent.

Like the draft or the schedule release, analyzing any of this is a bit strange given the uncertainty, but analyze we will. I don’t remember an offseason with so many uniform changes and such a large disparity between quality uniform upgrades and horrendous alterations. One common thread: About half of the six teams that changed uniforms ignored incredible throwback opportunities and instead leaned into the banal, expressionless template that seems to be creeping into sports’ collective uniform consciousness of late.

Without further ado, here are our definitive rankings, to which no sane objections can be made …

1. Chargers

This was one of the precious few times in life when the finished product matched the emotional sandstorm kicked up by a monumental hype campaign. (Doritos Locos Tacos being another that immediately comes to mind.) With their uniform shift, the Chargers showed they understood both the intimate love affair the general public has with their throwback powder blue uniforms and the blank canvas that accompanies being somewhat of an expansion team in a new market. The result was something responsibly psychedelic, yet ultimately familiar. Various combinations of the powder blue and mustard yellow were pitch perfect, while the additions of the dark and royal blue uniforms were suitable for “Color Rush” type engagements. The numbers on the helmets, a flourish that tickles the fancy of nearly all uniform spotters new and old, helped push them over the top.

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