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NFL team making players send daily pics of their scale after weigh in

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community news, NFL team making players send daily pics of their scale after weigh in

1. I feel like people have gone one of two ways during quarantine life. Either you’ve used this time to eat healthy, workout and get in shape (and then shoved it down our throats on Instagram) or you’ve thrown caution to the wind and just enjoyed whatever kind of junk food you want and used the stress of the current times as a more than reasonable excuse.

Naturally, I’m in the latter category.

Why am I telling you this? Because on this week’s SI MEDIA PODCAST, Good Morning Football host Peter Schrager dropped a great nugget about what one NFL team is doing to make sure its players aren’t overdoing it on the Fritos.

“I know one team that has requested that players take a photograph of the scale and tell [the team] how they’re weighing in every day and send it in to the trainers so [they] can keep your weight maintenance,” Schrager said on the podcast.

Can you imagine having to weigh yourself every day, take a picture of the scale and then text it to your boss? Absolutely terrifying. This is literally the only time I feel like it’s better to be a blogger than a professional athlete.

This also seems like a fairly easy thing to Photoshop if a player wanted to go that route.

Schrager also explained the preparation for the upcoming season is so different from player to player and team to team. He cited the example of Rams coach Sean McVay, who doesn’t have kids to home school versus a coach who has to handle that daunting chore. He also cited player who live in the city where their team’s facility is versus players who live away from their team’s facility.

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