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Nick Diaz offered Bisping a non-title fight ahead of GSP bout: ‘After I whoop his ass, he still keeps his belt’

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The way Nick Diaz sees it, the most sensible thing for Michael Bisping to do is fight him at a catchweight, and then go fight GSP.

Things are a little crazy around the middleweight title picture. As the UFC moves into 2017 with a decided down-swing in big name fights, their 185 lb division has become one of the major focal points of matchmaking weirdness. A title shot that was originally promised to Yoel Romero is instead going to welterweight great Georges St-Pierre in his first fight back from a 3.5 year retirement.

Along with 2016’s Dan Henderson title shot, the move has left more than a few fans wondering just how far afield the UFC will go for match-ups during Michael Bisping’s championship reign. And, if Nick Diaz has anything to say about it, the answer could be: A lot further.

The former Strikeforce champion and UFC welterweight title contender was ambushed by TMZ Sports to talk about his UFC return, and he gave some insight into the fights he’s looking to get booked:

“Listen, okay, do you want to know the truth right now?” Diaz queried, when asked who he’d fight in his return.

“So, I talked to Michael Bisping already, in New York, about doing this fight,” Diaz continued. “There’s more money for him if he takes a fight with me. Because we’re talking about a catchweight fight, he’s talking about it as if it’s going to be hard to make the weight. I’m going, ‘Come on, it’d be a non-title fight.’ So, after I whoop his ass, he still keeps his belt. So that’s more money, and then you go fight GSP. Same with Georges. I’m just doing more numbers than he is, so you’re going to make more money if you’re fighting me. It makes sense because they haven’t fought before, that’s the only thing that makes sense.”

Assuming that Diaz means he’s doing more numbers than Bisping (and not GSP) he may have a point there. And there are still a lot of fans clamoring for his return to the cage. But, if fans are interested to see Diaz vs. Woodley, it doesn’t sound like he’s very interested in the current welterweight champ.

“Oh, can you believe how fucking boring that was?” Diaz said in reference to the UFC 209 title fight between Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson. “That was a boring fight.”

Diaz reaffirmed the position later when asked whether Woodley was the best welterweight in the world. “No he ain’t. Did you see that fight?”

No word yet as to when fans might expect Diaz back in the Octagon, but from the sound of things, he may be looking to get a fight booked sometime soon.

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