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Nick Diaz: ‘They poisoned my IV’ right before Georges St-Pierre fight in 2013

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Early last week, UFC president Dana White announced the company’s plans to book a fight between Georges St-Pierre and Nate Diaz. Nate, however, immediately shut it down, while throwing shots at the former welterweight and middleweight champion for being a “cheater.”

The allegations that the younger Diaz brought forward could be connected to the same statements that his elder brother Nick has been making for years now. He first brought up the idea of “being drugged” in a 2016 interview, which was later corroborated by his trainer Richard Perez, stating a nurse from St-Pierre’s team gave Nick “some kind of stuff”.

In a recent run-in with TMZ Sports, Nick once again brought up the incident when he was asked about the rumored match-up between St-Pierre and his younger brother Nate.

“I think whoever tries to make that fight, I’m gonna have to give him a backhand slap,” the elder Diaz said. “I fought the dude (St-Pierre), they poisoned my IV with some weird ass drug.

“I have 37 fights, been fighting for 17 years, I never slept more than five or six hours a night. (For that fight), I slept 14 hours, I’m like ‘what did you put in my IV, dude? I never had nothing but clear IV. And there was something wrong with his wraps.

“I was flat on the way out (and) I’m in the best shape of my life. Everything was strange.”

When asked whom he wants his brother to face next, Nick had this to say.

“Nick Diaz says who fights who.”

Diaz, who last fought at UFC 183 against Anderson Silva, regained the eligibility to fight again last April after serving a year-long suspension for missing three out-of-competition drug tests within a 12-month span.

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