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Nik Lentz issues statement in response to B.J. Penn’s callout

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After exchanging unpleasantries over the last couple of months, retired UFC hall of famer B.J. Penn posted a message on his Instagram on Wednesday formally challenging Nik Lentz to a fight at UFC 197. The two have had bad blood going back to a feud between Penn and his one-time nutritionist, Mike Dolce, whom Lentz had also used to help make weight at 145 pounds. Penn didn’t know at the time that Lentz was no longer working with Dolce, yet — insulted by the misguided call out — penned a pair of poems, directed at none other than the “Prodigy” himself.

As he expressed in his message, Penn took umbrage to these poems, calling them “silly.”

On Wednesday evening, “The Carny” responded to Penn’s call out with the following message, which he sent to MMA Fighting.


I received your poorly-worded, utterly predictable, message. In spite of its clumsy structure, awful spelling, incorrect usage (you state at one point that I wrote a poem about you making fun of yourself), and general air of arrogant, entitled stupidity, I’m considering your request.

There are, of course, some conditions.

– I’m never competing at 145 ever again. Neither should you. I came to this conclusion after doing careful research, and deciding what was right for my long-term health as well as my short-term performance. If you fight at 145, it won’t be long before you’re eating banana mush in a nuthouse. I am accountable to my family, and my future with them. Because you are an impulsive tyrant surrounded by yes-men, you have no ability to make rational, intelligent decisions. So I am making this one for you. If we fight, it would be at 155.

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