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Officer Who Pulled Over Jon Jones Accused of Racial Profiling

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Jon Jones UFC 182

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones landed in jail for three days and found himself in front of a New Mexico judge last month following a traffic stop where he was handed five citations, including one for allegedly drag racing.

Jones still has to go before a traffic court to deal with the citations, for which he insists he is innocent. In court last month, he accepted additional stipulations to his current probation in the state due to being charged with a probation violation stemming from the traffic stop. Jones’ current probation, as well as him being stripped of the UFC championship, was due to a felony hit and run charge in April of 2015.

The officer that pulled Jones over on March 24 and cited him for drag racing, Officer Jason Brown, recently became the subject of a news story of his own, when the Albuquerque Journal wrote about past allegations accusing Brown of racial profiling. There is also a lawsuit pending against Brown, according to the Albuquerque Journal report.

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Jones shed light on the officer’s plight when he posted a short video of a report about the officer to his Instagram page and added some of his own comments about what happened the night he was pulled over by Brown.

“Officer Brown all over the news in Albuquerque after reporters dig up how many times he has been in trouble for racial profiling in the past,” wrote Jones. “Having him stand there, look me in the eyes and start accusing me of several things him and I both know I didn’t do made me feel let down ….View full article

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