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On Sunday, Conor McGregor finally spoke (and, alas, Floyd’s name came up)

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Maybe for Floyd Mayweather’s fans the idea of nine digits no longer plays as an all-consuming fascination (he’s got an entourage to feed, after all), but even for them this idea of TMT fighting Conor McGregor has got to seem a little indulgent. And yet still they/we persist. Like a carload of easy fools, we go bounding down this all-too-familiar highway, ignoring the basic problems of such a match-up…namely, the fact that Conor McGregor takes off his shoes to fight, and Mayweather laces them up.

The difference in foot presentation, after all, is everything in prizefighting. If McGregor wears shoes, he ceases being Conor McGregor. If Floyd takes his off, he’s no longer Floyd. By making either man do either, we’re just dumping a big pail of glitter over somebody’s delusions.

Still, this idea of the boxer Floyd versus MMA’s Mystic Mac keeps up, perhaps just to further troll the most trollable people in sports (read: fight fans).

This time, Sportscenter aired its Sunday Conversation with McGregor, who was wearing a Louis Vuitton t-shirt and was glowing gold. Kenny Mayne asked him about the rift between him and the UFC that got him dropped from UFC 200, and McGregor said it was a “publicized civil war,” as if the other civil wars were private affairs. He explained his side of things, which was pretty down to earth. But it was all leading to questions of Mayweather, that Centaur From the Other Realm, who could make it rain for days over Ireland with crisp hundred dollar bills.

McGregor — one of the day’s most fun-loving materialists — explained that Mayweather needs him more than he needs Mayweather. That the boxer was old. He said he would let Mayweather choose the rules, that he’d be fine in a “limited” fight. He could store ….View full article

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