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On the eve of UFC Mexico, Combate Americas stakes its claim to Hispanic MMA market

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Worst. Traffic. Ever.

On a brisk and overcast day in late October, commuters lined Mexico City’s Autopista del Sol in a static formation not unfamiliar to stateside drivers seasoned on the bottlenecked streets of Los Angeles. The collective grimace from those idling souls sandwiched between broken blacktop and a layer of thick smog painted a very grim portrait. In a word, everyone looked, well … fucking miserable.

Not Campbell McLaren.

The founder and CEO of Combate Americas, the world’s first Hispanic-based mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion, was all smiles alongside a handful of top executives — as well as veteran talent — on his stop-and-go route to TV Azteca, where he recently inked a broadcast agreement with one of the two largest producers of Spanish-language television programming in the world.

Not Mexico. The world.

“This is a big fucking deal,” McLaren reminded me as the shuttle driver tested the resiliency of our equilibrium. Maybe he wasn’t Pancho Villa commanding División del Norte, but for a spirited visionary who co-created Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) — which recently sold for roughly $4 billion — this latest triumph was an affirmation that lightning could indeed strike twice.

And Mexico is ground zero.

“This is a Hispanic promotion,” McLaren continued after arriving at the Azteca studios in Mexico City. “To us, this is not a foreign country, this is home, this is Mecca. Mexico gives us real credibility in the U.S. as being genuinely Hispanic. How can you be genuinely Hispanic and not be in Mexico? It’s just not possible.”

There’s just one teeny, tiny little problem.

McLaren, a stout Scot with a rich history of award-winning television, doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish. Neither does Vice President of Operations and former Strikeforce Director of Communications Mike Afromowitz, or Logistics and Operations Coordinator Brandi Murry.

Enter Alberto Rodriguez, newly-minted President of Combate ….View full article

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