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On the same night that Cris Cyborg unleashed hell, she also caged it

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Leslie Smith wasn’t just some Fiona Muxlow out there in Curitiba, not that it ended up mattering all that much. Smith made a name for herself with her volunteer work against Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino at a catchweight of 140 pounds on Saturday night, a move that was heralded as anything from courageous to loony on the collective scale of awe. Just 81 seconds into the bout referee Osiris Maia pulled the wailing banshee off of Smith, who was still conscious enough to protest the stoppage.

Osiris and Cyborg…the future has arrived and it’s like something out of Blade Runner.

And that was how Cyborg’s long-awaited debut in the Octagon went down at UFC 198 in front of 45,000 of her countrymen. Exactly how we thought it might. With another crushed specimen and a lot of whiplash. This Reebok-clad Cyborg, just like the one that rag-dolled Jan Finney into the second round all those years ago in Strikeforce — just like the one that sent Gina Carano off to Hollywood forever — reiterated what we already knew about her. That she’s an exceptionally scary figure in prizefighting.

Her performance in Brazil jangled the same chords of wonder we’ve been strung up with for so long: What would’ve happened if Cyborg had fought Ronda Rousey? More to the point, will she ever? Is she the greatest that has so far ever been? Or, you know, like…why doesn’t she just want to obliterate all those who’ve hogged her spotlight for so long and pound home the point that we’ve been extremely misguided, naïve, gullible, dead wrong?

Just like with Fedor Emelianenko and Randy Couture back in the day, these questions feel destined to survive the point of caring. Though she did post a Facebook message to Rousey on ….View full article

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