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One cool thing about Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor is all the beep beep beepity beep

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It’s rare that you get a bout where the true contention seems to be who gives less f*cks — or, more directly, who can give a f*ck less more — but that’s where we are with Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor. Diaz took the fight on just 11 day’s notice, because he will get a rare truckload of money for the chance to slap a dude who has the audacity to use words like “gazelle” right here in America.

Still, even with the opportunity, Nate knows he’s doing everyone a favor. But really? He could give a f*ck.

McGregor’s indifference to all things hazardous can be found in his actions — he’s moving up two weight classes, not to fight for a belt, but simply to keep an appointment. Even if Rafael dos Anjos couldn’t make it, he doesn’t want to let the fans down who’ve come from Ireland for the privilege of seeing him fight. He knows that for as merciless as the fight game can be, the airlines are that much colder with their cancellation fees.

He’s loyal to his fans, but as for the man standing opposite of him, he’s all but turning his pockets out just to show you he’s fresh out of f*cks to give.

It’s been great, the short lead up to this one.

Since the fight was announced last week both Diaz and McGregor have been hitting each other with reminders of how little they give a f*ck. It’s a false aloofness, of course; both care plenty — and so do their camps. McGregor slapped Diaz’s extended wrist during the stare down at the press conference and a baby-Armageddon kicked up. There was the peacemonger Kea, Dana’s bodyguard, fending off everyone’s favorite meleeist Jake Shields. Nick Diaz, another of the key ….View full article

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