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Oops! Woodley’s ESPN interview showed Conor McGregor highlights instead of his

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Article Source – bloodyelbow.com

ESPN randomly showed Conor McGregor highlights during an interview with UFC 209 headliner Tyron Woodley.

Tyron Woodley has been complaining quite a bit about how he’s being treated by the UFC and by fans in general. He even recently shared a conversation with Dana White about it, saying he believes the UFC president wants him to act more like Conor McGregor.

“He thinks that if I was more like Conor I would be a bigger star,” Woodley said. “Well, guess what? I will never be anything like Conor. So if that’s what it takes to be a star, then I will never be a star. You can’t tell a man to be like another man. That’s just not who I am.”

Woodley was at Sports Center lately, and interestingly enough, ESPN flubbed his video package with McGregor highlights instead of his. It happened while Tyron was explaining how he’s mistreated, and asking people to watch the promos too.

“I knocked him down 4 times,” Woodley tells Sports Center. “Go back and look at the trailer and see how many times you see me knocking him down!”

At this moment, ESPN then proceeds to show random footage of Conor McGregor shadowboxing and fighting Max Holloway and Jose Aldo.


Looking at the bright side, I guess Woodley now can’t really say that ESPN wasn’t treating him like he was McGregor.

Watch the interview on the clip above, and you can skip to 3:32 mark for the weird segment.

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