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Opinion: Conor McGregor declares himself a god, but are we believers?

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Conor McGregor is changing the fight game, but is it for better or worse?

The best moments of the “Notorious” Conor McGregor can be seen after the war is over and the dust has settled. The fire in his eyes burn down to coals, his eyelids droop in relaxation, he seems to breathe more freely and his words are refreshingly honest.

Perhaps the truest glimpse of the real McGregor was seen when running the UFC 194 post-fight press conference by himself, offering praise to his vanquished foe whom he’d spent most of the past year slagging off.

Later, on Facebook, the Irishman gave a heartfelt analysis of his great accomplishment:

“To the naked eye it was 13 seconds, but to my team and my family it has been a lifetime of work to get to that 13 seconds,” he wrote, before offering a mea culpa to Aldo. “Respect to a great champion in Jose Aldo. The true greats will always overcome adversity. I wish him and his loyal team well on their journey back. Much respect.”

If McGregor has been consistent in his pernicious pre-fight ad hominem attacks on his opponents, he has been equally conciliatory in victory. Long before he’d taken the interim featherweight belt he took a few moments following his win at UFC 178 to offer Dustin Poirier praise.

“In the ring he was humble. Dustin is a good kid. I had no ill feelings towards Dustin. It was weird to me that he was like, ‘I’ve never hated a guy as much as I hate this guy in my life.’ To me that’s weird. I cannot hate a man that has the same dreams as me. I have no emotion toward them at the end of the day; I’m on my journey,” McGregor said. “He’s a ….View full article

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